Mayhem's Greatest Hits

On September 25, Allstate and Mayhem took over the rush hour broadcast on radio stations across the country. For two full hours, all listeners heard were the songs the station played and Mayhem. But we didn't just play Mayhem commercials. We had Mayhem take listeners on a trip down his own personal memory lane as he hosted a top ten countdown of his All-Time Greatest Hits.

Prior to the countdown airing, greatest hits numbers 20 to 11 were posted on Facebook and Twitter. Allstate Agents and local radio stations also encouraged people to tune in on the 25th for the top ten.

Listen below to hear the full countdown.

Sound Engineer - David Gerbosi / Another Country

Six Corners

Six Corners was born out of the desire for more spectaculars in our local markets. We’re also always looking for new, breakthrough ways to extend the Mayhem character. We gave listeners at the intersection of Western, Elston and Diversey something entertaining to listen to while they waited in congested city traffic. Our goal was to build positive brand affinity for Allstate and the Mayhem character in our hometown.

An uber-localized radio/OOH hybrid, we created this work to expand upon the idea that “Mayhem is everywhere”. What could feel more authentic than bringing Mayhem’s local commentary to you while his face is overhead? A short-wave radio station, Six Corners is very aware of its immediate surroundings, including references to nearby businesses like the martial arts dojo.

Sound Engineer - David Gerbosi / Another Country