I like to make things. In my spare time, I keep busy by working on side projects. Every production brings new learnings, experiences and additional production knowledge. Here are a few short films I’ve worked on in the past.


With the seemingly endless wave of gun violence in America, we stopped asking ourselves — how do we stop it? And instead, what happens if we don't?

This sci-fi satire is set in a future we hope to never see, but can't seem to avoid. A displaced roadkill worker interviews for the newly government-mandated position of 'Bodyman.' 

LA Shorts International Film Festival: Official Selection

Midwest Independent Film Festival: Official Selection

One Show Short Film Festival: Finalist

Director - Ryan R. Browne and Nick Ciffone

Editor - Jim Hutchins / Hutch Co

Colorist - Kristopher Smale / MPC

Composer - Gareth Williams / Human

Sound Engineer - Ben Freer / Eleven Sound

Tour Mode

There’s been a million stories about a nobody in a band who goes solo, defies the odds and becomes a superstar.

This isn’t that story.

Tour Mode follows a band a band full of nobodies living in the shadow of their famous ex-member and their adventures on the road willing to play anywhere and do anything for a little success of their own.

Director - Simon Bruyn and Andrew Livingston

Editor - Chris Murphy / Whitehouse

Colorist - Dave Hussey / Company 3

Sound Engineer - Michael Anastasi / Lime Studios

Scent of a Pokémon

A man trains his dog to sniff Pokemon in an attempt to become a master trainer in Pokémon Go.

LA Shorts International Film Festival: Platinum for Best Comedy

Director - Ryan R. Browne and Nick Ciffone

Editor - Jacob Kuehl / Cutters

Colorist - Blake Huber / Flavor

Sound Engineer - Jeff Malen / Lime Studios

Green Brik

Green Brik tells the story of a poorly written holiday wish-list that makes for a disappointing Christmas morning. Our young hero makes the best of it, and in the end, finds something far better than just another toy.

Midwest Advertising Community Shorts - Official Selection

Director - Phil Jungmann

Editor - David Cea / Whitehouse Post

Colorist - Michael Pehanich / The Mill

Sound Engineer - Bill Fisher / CRC